The 9 Best Chew Toys For Puppies: Look For #3 For A Happy Pup!

It’s a simple fact that puppies are going to chew on things! As they are learning what is okay and what is not, they’ll explore with their teeth. They also will chew even more as they go through the teasing process. If you don’t have chew toys around, your furniture may become a victim.

That’s why it is important to get chew toys for puppies. Not only do chew toys protect your furniture, but they also help strengthen your puppy’s teeth and jaw as they grow. It’s important to help develop this kind of mouth strength to prevent health issues in your pup’s future.

All it takes is a small investment in some great chew toys. Check out these 9 awesome chew toys that will make life a bit easier for both you and your puppy!


#1 Kong Puppy Chew Toys

Best Chew Toys For Puppies


This style of toy is one of the first ones I ever remember buying my dog, and I still recommend them after all these years!

These toys are great for puppies that are in their chewing phase because they are nearly indestructible as long as you buy the right size for your dog. The toys are made of a very high-quality rubber that won’t hurt your dog’s teeth, but will also be difficult for them to destroy.

I love that this toy is hollow, which means that it can be stuffed with a tasty treat to amuse your dog. It can even be frozen to help soothe your puppy’s teeth and gums while they are teething. What more could a dog owner ask for?

One problem with this toy (and any toys on this list!) is that it can become boring for dogs if you do not rotate their toys from time to time.

#2 Wishbone Chew Toy


Since there are hundreds of different chew toys on the market, it is important to find a way to stand out! This wishbone-shaped chew toy does a great job of making sure that it will be fun for your dogs in a unique way.

There are two different flavor options for these bones - real peanut butter or real bacon. No matter which flavor your puppy prefers, they’ll have great chewing sessions with these toys.The unique design lets puppies hold the bone down easily so that they can have a dedicated chewing session when their teeth are bothering them most.

This toy is harder than some other toys recommended for puppies, so you should make sure that it is not harming your puppy’s gums more than other toys. Additionally, you should remember that this toy is not edible and should be removed from your dog’s play bin once it starts to break down.

#3 Puppy Teething Ring Treats


One of the best “toys” I have ever discovered for my puppy while they were teething was a teething ring treat just like this one.

While teething ring treats are not really a toy because they are edible, they can still be used as a chew toy until they disappear.

These type of teething rings are surprisingly tough and long-lasting, which means that your pup can enjoy their flavor while they relieve their need for a good chew at the same time.

These toys are very lightweight, which means that your dog can carry them around without any problems - regardless of their size! They are also low fat and gluten-free in addition to being fortified with omega-3 fatty acids. This means they’re a great boost to your puppy’s diet.

You should not leave this kind of toy with your dog while they are unsupervised, as they could break off a piece of it and choke. Most dogs will not have this problem, but it’s always good to keep this type of choking hazard in mind.

#4 Kong Puppy Bones


Another great chew toy made by Kong is the Puppy Chew Bone. These bones are made of the same high-quality rubber that #1 puppy chew toys are made of, but they are made in the shape of a bone instead of a rounded rubber toy.

Some puppies prefer this toy because its shape is easier for puppies to grab onto and chew on. The traditional Kong can roll around and be difficult for dogs to just sit and chew, but this bone solves that problem.

Like other Kong chew toys, it has openings in the sides that can be stuffed with food or frozen to give your dog further comfort and enrichment. I really recommend freezing this toy from time to time for puppies who are teething, as it can help prevent their gums from becoming inflamed.

One more important thing to note: this chew toy is safe to leave with your dog in the kennel while you are out, as it is very difficult for them to destroy!

#5 Puppy Key Ring


I love to make sure that puppies will get to play with toys that will give them both teething relief by chewing and mental stimulation. And this toy fits that description perfectly!

The movable parts of this toy are fun for a puppy to play with because they can try different things with the toy, and the parts even make noise! Any toy that makes some noise is preferable for puppies to enjoy over toys that do not make noise.

This toy is also great for cleaning and maintaining teeth health. In addition to having different textured surfaces, the toy also has bristles hidden inside that are revealed after some chewing. These bristles help to keep the teeth clean.

While this toy cannot be frozen or stuffed with anything to help relieve teething, it can be used to play fetch or a gentle game of tug-of-war thanks to its small size.

#6 Thick Rope Toys


Another type of toy that can be great for puppies and teething puppies is a thick rope toy. These toys are good for them to build up their strength, and they can even be used to soothe their gums!

All it takes to create a soothing rope toy is to soak the toy in water and then pop it in the freezer for a few hours. Give this to your dog, and then they can enjoy chewing on the toy to get a nice cooling and soothing effect on their gums.

It is important to note that you need to make sure that you get a high-quality rope toys. Otherwise, your puppy may end up ingesting small fibers that could make them sick over time. You should also avoid playing tug-of-war with your puppy with this kind of toy until they are full-grown. Tug-of-war games can damage puppy teeth as they grow.

#7 Ring Tug Toys


Puppies can really benefit from learning to play with flying toys or frisbees from a young age, but getting a plastic version of these toys can be too hard on their teeth and too easily destroyed. Instead, getting a toy that is a little softer is a better way to make sure that their teeth are safe while their brains are amused!

These toys are very tough and long lasting. They are actually made out of luggage material on top of other materials, which is what gives them their durability.

I really love that you can use these toys to teach dogs about retrieving and catching toys. They’re soft enough to do so without scaring your puppy. Plus, the toy floats, so you can even play with it in the water!

If your puppy is an aggressive chewer already, they might be able to destroy these toy so you should keep an eye on them. Most puppies, however, won’t be able to do this.

#8 Go For A Chilly Bone


If your main concern in finding a great chew toy for your puppy is to find them teething relief, then the Chilly Bone is exactly what you are looking for.

This toy is the best for keeping your puppy’s gums in a state of high-relief while they are chewing. After all, the point of chew toys for puppies is often to keep them comfortable while keeping them away from your furniture or shoes! This toy can do that with no problems.

These bones are filled with a non-toxic gel that freezes very quickly. All you have to do is toss it in the freezer for less than one hour, and then your dog can get 1 to 2 hours of cooling, chewing time. Sounds great, right? This is good for puppies in the heat of their teething who always want something cool to relieve their gums.

This bone comes in both medium and large sizes, so you can find the bone that will suit your dog and their growing mouth not matter how big they are.

#9 The Romp and Chomp By Nylabone


This bone option is another great choice for teething puppies that need something to chew on but it doesn’t need to be something edible.

I like that the material on this bone isn’t as hard as that of other toys like the Kong toys. Instead, it is softer which can make it more kind on puppy-sized teeth that are still coming into their own. Despite this softness, the bone is durable enough to last for a long time and be left with the puppy in their crate without any worry of choking.

I also like that this toy has a textured surface which makes the toy more interesting for your dog while also helping to keep their teeth clean.

If your puppy already has a very strong jaw and makes short work of even durable toys, you may want to supervise them with this toy and make sure that they cannot destroy it before leaving them alone.

Let Them Chew The Day Away!

Best Chew Toys For Puppies

Chewing, when restricted to times of teething and to chewing on toys, is a totally natural behavior for dogs. You want them to have something to chew on, and you want it to be something that will be safe for them to enjoy.

Have you found a great chew toy for your puppy on this list? Hopefully you have, and hopefully, whatever you have found will help them to have a strong jaw and a happy play day.

Are there any other toys that you think puppies would benefit from chewing on? Share with us in the comments, and then share this article with other puppy owners who could use a little extra help in this critical stage of their puppy’s life!


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