How Long Do Boxers Live? What You Can Do To Make Them Live Longer

Are you considering getting a Boxer or are you a loving owner of one, just looking for more information about your dog? One of the questions we often get from people considering this kind of a dog is, how long do boxers live? I know it can be a difficult time when your dog dies, especially if it catches you unaware. Some of the other things that I am going to look at include what you can do to prolong the life of your boxer. We will also consider some of the reasons why this breed generally has short life expectancy.

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Just How Long do Pugs Live (Oct, 2019)

Pugs are no doubt cool creatures but the joy is mostly cut short when you talk of their life expectancy. Like every other pet, a pug is often times closer than even family or friends and thinking of helplessly losing him/her to death soon sucks.

So do you own one or look to owning one? Well, you don’t want to miss out on this important information.

If the animation movie about what your pets get up to when you are gone is any indication of the power of self-recognition animals hold, it’s no wonder they are so in tune with humanity. Unfortunately, genetics have given pugs a far shorter time to make an impact in the lives of its owners than most of the other dog species.

So how long does a pug live? After spending a decent amount of time studying this, I’ll share out my findings with you just so you understand this once and for all.

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How to Treat Red Eyes In Dogs Even If You Are Not a Vet

Dogs, just like all other animals can get infections in the eye. These infections will manifest in different ways; through a release of discharge, itchy eyes, swollen eyes and red eyes. If these infections are not attended to soon enough, they can cause permanent damage and leave your dog blind. One of the common problems that dog owners have to grapple with is the issue of red eyes in dogs.

In this article, I will be looking at the steps you will need to take to diagnose the problem and also manage treatment. It is advisable that you approach a qualified veterinary doctor for the diagnosis. Attempting to do a diagnosis on your own could leave you with more problems than solutions.

A few symptoms could tell you that your dog is suffering from red eye. Some of the symptoms listed by Vetary, the pet health credit provider, of red eye in your dog will include the dog rubbing its eyes on the floor, squinting when looking at objects in light and keeping her eyes closed. When your dog has tears in her eyes, has eyelids that are swollen and puffy or exhibits a red spot on the white part of the eyes, she may be suffering from red eye.

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How Can Dogs Eat Lamb Bones Safely

Dog owners love to give their dogs almost all the food that they eat themself. This is the reason why many dog owners have the mistaken belief that as along as human being can eat something, it is safe for a dog. One of the questions that every dog owner should concern themselves with is, how can dogs eat lamb bones safely?

The short answer to this question is yes. Lamb bones are okay for a dog when they are raw, but can be dangerous when cooked. We look at some of the reasons why raw bones are the best for your dog.

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High Calorie Dog Food: Number 2 Will Save Any Dog from Sickness

Every dog owner knows one thing; a healthy dog is a happy dog. If your dog hates meal times, is too picky, or recovering from an illness then you may want to consider giving her high-calorie dog food. This will ensure that you take advantage of every meal she eats.

I know human beings think that calories are our enemy number one but this is always taken out of context. If your dog is too thin, she needs her calories. I have created a list of the 3 foods that will guarantee your dog gets all the calories she needs.

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How To Sedate A Dog Safely – 4 Methods

Like every other pet, your dog possibly has her quirks. It could be the fear, anxiety or nervousness when her toenails are to be clipped or other situations like when you want to groom her, when you take her for veterinary checks or while traveling.

Has any of you faced this problem? I have. And often, she won’t let me near her when she’s in stressful situations. She’ll resist food, hide, and be more prone to hurting herself, other animals and even people.

But that was until I spend some time learning how to sedate a dog and voila! I realized that would give her few moments of calm and rest and this made it easy for me to handle her. So today I’ll share with you this information and my hope is that it will help you learn how to sedate your dog like a pro.

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How To Keep A Dog Out Of Trash Without A Big Fight

You are relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, sitting in the garden and your dog rushes to you and wants to kiss you on your lips; as usual, you are happy to allow her. However, something in her mouth does not smell right, it actually smells so bad you could think that someone had just opened the trash can. Well, I have news for you; someone did and that's the dog which has just kissed you. Then you suddenly remember that this is not the first time it has happened and you promise yourself, again, that you should learn how to keep a dog out of trash.

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