High Calorie Dog Food: Number 2 Will Save Any Dog from Sickness

Every dog owner knows one thing; a healthy dog is a happy dog. If your dog hates meal times, is too picky, or recovering from an illness then you may want to consider giving her high-calorie dog food. This will ensure that you take advantage of every meal she eats.

I know human beings think that calories are our enemy number one but this is always taken out of context. If your dog is too thin, she needs her calories. I have created a list of the 3 foods that will guarantee your dog gets all the calories she needs.


Why A Dog Needs Calories

The number of calories your dog needs depends on a number of things of which one is whether it is active or not. You will also need to consider the current weight of your dog before you decide on the amount of calories to give her. Even though there are formulas suggested for the number of calories you should feed your dog, these are only guidelines.

According to the website, www.peteducation.com, a major reason why you need to manage the calories your dog eats has to do with a need to maintain a proper weight. This ensures that your dog remains in a good state of health. A dog that is underweight usually suffers from a muscle tone which is poor, slow healing after injury, and a lack of energy.

One the other side of the coin, an overweight dog is at the risk of health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, and problems with the liver. This is quite scary especially if you look at the statics from The Pet Health Network which indicate that over half of all dogs are overweight. Overweight dogs also suffer from a lack of energy. The life expectancy of such dogs is also compromised.

How Many Calories Does Your Dog Need A Day?

Before we even talk about the best foods from which your dog can get calories, let’s look at the number of calories a dog needs per day. If you give her too much, you risk her being overweight, yet if you give her too little, you risk her being too think. Check out this table provided by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA).

The table above is only a guideline. You need to always remember that every dog is different and their calorie requirements may differ. If your dog is already overweight, you may want to make further restrictions on a number of calories she eats.

The 3 high calorie dog foods

1. GNC Ultra Mega Formula: Where Energy and Good Skin Come Together

GNC Pets Ultra Mega Calming Formula- high calorie dog food

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Your dog’s coat is a window to its state of health. Foods such as the GNC Ultra Mega Dog Formula do not only ensure that your dog gets adequate calories but also makes sure that her skin is healthy enough to support a glowing coat. The manufacturers of this type of food have been in this business for close to a hundred years, meaning that they know what they are doing.

You can give this food to your dog by spreading it on top of the snacks you give her during the day. The GNC Ultra Mega Formula also provides essential nutrients and vitamins that support the immune system of the dog. It also provides the energy your dog needs to perform different tasks and exercises.

This is a product that should for supplementing the dog’s diet. Store the product at room temperature. This supplementary food is suitable for any breed looking to increase its calorie intake and also get some vitamins.

The nutrients available in this meal include sodium, iron, manganese, chloride and magnesium. The calorie content in the food is 4,060 kcal/kg. This means that every tablespoon of the formula is 5.07 kcal for every ¼ tablespoon. To feed the dog, for every 20lbs. of its weight give the dog ¼ teaspoon.

2. Dyne High Calorie Liquid Dietary Supplement: The Solution for Illness

Trophy Dyne High Calorie Animal Supplement

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If your dog has been sick, it is lactating, or it has to do lots of work, you can turn to Dyne High-Calorie Liquid Dietary Supplement, for its calorie needs. The supplement has vanilla flavor and contains as much as 150 calories for each ounce.

If the dog is too ill or refusing to eat, you can administer this supplement using a dropper or syringe. If your puppy is underweight and does not have the ability to consume solid food, Dyne can be useful. It’s a good supplement for someone looking at increasing a dog’s stamina, especially for those dogs that perform in sporting activities.

This is the best food for a dog that refuses to eat at every meal. The supplement is suitable for any breed that requires fattening so that the dog does not appear as if it is starving. Give the dog its food according to its weight. For puppies give a teaspoonful for every 5 lbs. of the dog’s weight. For adult dogs, give three teaspoons for every 30 pounds of the dog’s bodyweight. Give the food to the dog 3 times a day.

3. Nutri Source Super Performance: The Science of Calories

Tuffy's Pet Food Nutrisource Super Performance Dry Food

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If you have a dog that’s pregnant, recovering from illness, or one that works hard every day, you need to consider the Nutri Source Super Performance. This source of calories is a result of scientific study which seeks to provide the right levels of energy that every dog requires.

Nutri Source is a combination of rice, chicken and other ingredients that have been specially selected by professionals. All the ingredients in the food have one aim in mind; to enhance the building of muscle, and provide strength in any hardworking dog. The chicken ensures that the food has the flavor that will attract the dog to the food.

Each of the nutrients in the formula are simplified so that the dog will be able to digest the food quickly. This ensures that the food gets to work quickly. When the dog digests fast, the food does not get wasted. Added to the rice and chicken are other ingredients such as dried egg product, barley, oatmeal and fish meal among others. Other nutrients available in the food are Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. There are also Probiotics and Prebiotics in the food.

You will see that the formula is working on the dog when the animal starts to have a lot of energy. The food is easy on your dog’s stomach. If there are any changes that will happen to the coat, they are positive ones.


Keeping your dog healthy means maintaining a proper weight. The challenge of many dog owners is to maintain the right weight. You do not want the dog to be overweight while at the same time you do not want it to be too thin. As a dog owner you need to keep a close eye on your dog’s weight.

The three foods we have suggested in this article are examples. There are many others in the market that can help your dog. What you need to do is to look at the ingredients on the packaging of your dog food.

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