How Long Do Boxers Live? What You Can Do To Make Them Live Longer

Are you considering getting a Boxer or are you a loving owner of one, just looking for more information about your dog? One of the questions we often get from people considering this kind of a dog is, how long do boxers live? I know it can be a difficult time when your dog dies, especially if it catches you unaware. Some of the other things that I am going to look at include what you can do to prolong the life of your boxer. We will also consider some of the reasons why this breed generally has short life expectancy.


Boxer Dogs Have Short Lifespans


Let’s start with the not so good news; Boxers do not have long lifespans. A boxer dog that lives up to the age of about ten and a half has lived the average lifespan of such dogs. Those living up to the age of twelve have actually received a bonus.

There are many reasons why boxers generally do not have long lives. The leading one is a high cancer rate within the breed. These dogs are also known to suffer from high incidences of heart complications.

While an average boxer lives for about ten years, there are others that have lived well past the age of twelve. I tried to gather some information on the oldest living Boxer but discovered that no one has been keeping this type of information. I checked Boxerworld, a forum of avid boxer lovers, and saw people who claim that they have seen boxers that have lived up to the age of fourteen and a half years old.

Reasons Why Boxers Have Short Lifespans


According to AllBoxerInfo, the biggest threat to the longevity of your Boxer is cancer. Up to forty-four percent of these kinds of dogs see an early demise due to cancer. Other issues that can affect this breed include Neurological disorders and heart diseases.

According to the UK Kennel Club, the second leading cause of death among Boxers is old age. This indicates that quite a considerable number of such dogs live to their full life span.

Trauma is one of the preventable causes of death that makes the average lifespans of these dogs short. The sad thing about death due to trauma is that it can be prevented if the dog's owner remains diligent at all times. We will later look at some of the things you can do as an owner to prolong your best friend's life.

Health issues that may affect the lifespan of your dog include complications with digestion. If proper care is not taken in selecting the diet of the dog, they can get gassy. These dogs are also at an increased risk of suffering from the emergency gastrointestinal syndrome.

Prolonging The Life Of A Boxer

If you are the owner of a boxer you can easily prolong the life of your dog by investing time to learn about your dog. Only through having enough information will you know the types of risk that have a bearing on the life of your dog.


Safety First

Just like with children, you want to ensure that your dog is safe at all times. If you are traveling with the dog in the car, ensure that the dog is properly secured. You can also prevent your dog prematurely dying from trauma by making sure that your dog does not run out into busy streets where cars can run over it.


The Importance Of Hygiene

As a human being, you know the importance of hygiene to your overall health. You need to give the same priority to the hygiene of your Boxer. Ensure that the dog has healthy food and water always.

If the teeth of your Boxer dog are not taken care of, they can be a breeding ground for infections. These can later spread to the rest of the body's internal organs. To manage your dog's dental hygiene, you can use pet mints, dental chew sticks, and sprays.


A Good Diet

We all know that we are what we eat. The same principle applies to your Boxer. There are specific foods that can help to prolong your dog’s life considerably.

When planning the food to give to this type of dog, you have to consider a meal that takes care of all its nutritional needs. Always remember that this is a dog that has lots of energy which needs good nutrition. We recommend foods high in protein.

One of the most important things that should always be in your dog’s food is the crucial vitamins and minerals. To support the bone structure and joints of your dog, you have to ensure that there is enough calcium in its food. Since these dogs are also prone to heart problems Taurine and L-carnitine are important.

Some recommended brands for your Boxer include the:



Boxers are very energetic. For this reason, every owner needs to ensure that the dog preserves its health by getting proper exercise. However, always ensure that when you exercise the dog, you do not do so in conditions that are too hot as this kind of dog can easily succumb to heat.



Boxers may not have the longest lifespans, however, they are some of the best breeds of dogs that owners love. As you can see from the discussion above, this kind of dog lives for about ten years. However, you can enhance the chances of your dog living longer by ensuring that it is well taken care of and it is always healthy.

As an owner, you should always ensure that your dog is always safe. Manage the diet of your best friend and ensure that the dog gets appropriate exercise. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know if there are any other tips owners can use to ensure their dogs live for longer.

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