How to Groom Your Dog to Be In Engagement Photos

As a dog owner, there are quite a number of ways you can create memories with your little friend. One that tops the list is letting them be part of your engagement shots. Apart from creativity, such photos would definitely give both you and your viewers a sensational experience, especially when you use them on the wedding invitation cards or even the personalized guest books should you prefer them.

Now, if you already have this day all planned out and wouldn’t want your pooch to be left behind, first you need to learn how to groom your dog to be in engagement photos in order to have an album of a lifetime. Before you start worrying about how you’re supposed to do that, here’s a breakdown to help you kick start the process:


Important Tips on How to Groom Dogs to Be In Engagement Photos

#1 Start Early

This whole process isn’t as simple as it sounds, therefore you need to have everything in place days before the day jets-in. First of all, your dog needs to look perfect too, so as you groom yourself and hunt for the right accessories, remember to do so for your pet.

Starting early equally prepares the dog, and with such you’ll unlikely experience aggression. However, you have to take precaution when introducing them to new outfits or accessories so that they don’t end up with anything quite restrictive.

#2 Prepare the Photographer and People attending the photo-shoot

Apart from getting your dog all prepped-up, you also have to let your photographer know that your pet will be tagging along, so that they get everything in place. You should also be able to guide them on the settings that the dog can withstand especially when it comes to camera sounds, lighting and all that. However, today the idea of having dogs in engagement photos is no longer something new. This means that it’s easier to identify a photographer who has already tried that before.

All the friends, family members and close ones that you have invited to attend the occasion should also prepared so as not to make the dog feel uncomfortable in any way, shape or form. The dog should be familiar with almost everyone in attendance so that it can concentrate and not get distracted by strange faces during the engagement photo-shoot session. These should be the same people first considered for your wedding invitation suite in the event that you will need some wedding photos with your dog too when that time comes.

#3 Work On Commands

For you to capture every moment, ensure that your dog is conversant with the basic commands which will help them blend with ease. You don’t necessarily need a trainer to sort you out because for photography there are only three commands involved, that is, ‘stay’, ‘sit’ and ‘lie down’.

#4 Carry Treats

Just like toddlers, you really need to up your game in order to have the dog look at the camera. The hack is to place the treats towards the direction of the lens to help initiate concentration and excitement. This is guaranteed to give you perfect shots for a few minutes, only that the dog might not be patient enough, so the photographer has to be swift and with the right skills.

#5 Let the Venue Be A Familiar Place

Dogs act differently to change of environment and that’s why it’s preferable that you do the shoot at a place they’re familiarized with. This will be a plus for you because chances are, the dog will already be calm.

Alternatively, you can make trips to the said place with your dog before the actual day comes. It will still save the day; somehow. It’s also ideal picking quiet areas, preferably with less traffic to prevent the dog from getting distracted.

#6 Keep Them Safe

This traces back to the venue. Apart from familiarity, it also has to be dog-friendly, especially if yours has any allergies. Any decorations used and any other thing in the surrounding shouldn’t be anything toxic, considering that dogs can chew anything and everything.

You don’t want your dog falling sick in the middle of the shoot, right? If you’re uncertain about what might not go well with your dog, you can stick to your home or backyard which is even friendlier.

#7 Understand Your Dog

Having your dog take part in the shoot doesn’t mean that they have to be in all the shots because that alone is overwhelming. If you notice any signs of resentment or lost interest, it’s just okay to let the dog take a break and continue capturing your moments.


The truth is, photographing a dog isn’t one of the easiest tasks, especially if it’s their first time. However, with the right tips at hand, you’ll realize that the experience gets easier and more memorable with time.

Now that you know the key things on how to groom your dog to be in engagement photos, I hope that you’ll come up with beautiful photos which can go straight to your personalized guest book or some wedding invitation suite.


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