Easy Pets To Take Care Of: Top 9 Low Maintenance Dogs

Even when you’re a pet person, that doesn’t mean that you have a lot of time or the skills needed to take care of a pet that needs a lot of care. If you get a dog that requires a lot of daily grooming, it might become too tiresome or expensive to keep up with.

There is no shame in looking to get a dog that is a more low maintenance breed. Here, I’ve put together a list of nine different breeds of dog that won’t strain your time or your money as much as other breeds.


What Makes A Breed Low Maintenance

Dog Breed Low Maintenance

Before we get into today’s list of the top 9 low maintenance breed, we should break down what it means to be a “low maintenance” breed.

There are a few different characteristics that make a breed quality for today’s list:

Few grooming requirements:

Some dogs have coats that require daily brushing and frequent trimming. Dogs with easy-to-care for coats can be considered low maintenance, as you will only need to brush and wash them as often as they need it rather than every day.

Easy exercise requirements:

Very active and energetic dogs will need to be walked and played with for a minimum of one or two hours a day. And while every dog should get attention from their owners, not every owner has enough time to take their dog out for that much exercise every day. Low maintenance breeds do not require as much exercise.


A good low maintenance dog breed will be very independent in spirit. This means that they will be comfortable to be alone for long periods of time and do not need to be with you every minute of every day.

There can be some good low maintenance breeds that do not meet these characteristics, but for the most part, you will find them to be the low maintenance dogs.

#1: Beagles Are Easy Going Companions

Low Maintenance Dogs Beagles Are Easy Going Companions

The top dog on today’s list of the top low maintenance dogs is the Beagle! While the Beagle does shed, they are so docile and easy-going that you’ll sometimes forget that taking care of a dog can be a difficult task. A simple dog, they’ll be happy just to hang out with you when you have time.

Beagles are small-to-medium sized dogs that are easy to train, so they won’t take up too much time when they are young. They even will just be content to sit and lie at your feet all day if you let them! Beagles can be active, but they don’t need a ton of activity every day to be happy and well behaved.

Like all dogs, they will need to be bathed and brushed occasionally. It’s also important to check your dog’s ears regularly to ensure that they do not get any infections in their ears. If you do these things, you’ll find that the Beagle is very easy to take care of.

#2: Chihuahua: Short Hair, Easy Hair

Chihuahua Low Maintenance Dogs

Chihuahua’s are the next dog on our list, but it is important to note that only the short haired breed of Chihuahua’s should be considered low maintenance. Long haired varieties need a lot more care because of the type of coat that they have.

Since the Chihuahua has big ears that stick up straight, they do not need to be checked in the same way that the floppy ears of a dog like a Beagle needs to be. You can leave them be without much extra attention.

In fact, the Chihuahua does not have many grooming needs! Their short fur simply needs cleaned and brushed as needed. The Chihuahua is very independent but still easy to train. They won’t destroy your home or your furniture while you are out, making them an easy dog to have around.

#3: Labrador Retrievers Are Fun & Simple

Labrador Retrievers -Low Maintenance Dogs

Did you know that a Labrador Retriever can be considered a low maintenance dog? It’s true! Many people think of Labs as such a popular type of dog that requires work that they do not realize how easy it can actually be to own a Labrador Retriever.

Why is it so easy? Because they are so social and fun loving! This dog doesn’t want to do anything but have fun, which makes them very easy to train and socialize with other animals. With some dogs, these things can be a struggle, but that is not the case with Labs.

While the Labrador Retriever does shed a little bit, they need minimal grooming outside of regular dog care. Simple brushing is all that they will need to stay in good condition, and this brushing will also help to reduce the amount of dog hair that is in your home.

There are a few things you should know about this dog. They are an active dog, so you should be prepared to do a daily walk and some play time, but they don’t need as much exercise as some breeds do. Also, it is possible for this breed to have issues such as hip dysplasia, so you should be aware of this possibility.

#4: The Yorkshire Terrier Doesn’t Need Much

Yorkshire Terrier-Low Maintenance Dogs

Next up is another small dog that doesn’t need much more than a place to sleep, some food every day, and a bit of your love! They definitely love to play and cuddle, but they don’t need very long walks or a lot of daily activity to stay healthy and happy since they are such a small dog.

Another great thing is that they have hair instead of fur, which means that they won’t shed like other breeds do. This is also great for those with allergies, as the hair won’t cause them issues in the same way that fur does.

This hair does, however, come with some grooming requirements. It is important to know that the Yorkshire Terrier’s hair needs to be trimmed and groomed regularly to look tidy. This won’t need to be too often, and regularly brushing their hair will help prevent it from becoming matted or out of control too quickly.

#5: The Dachshund Won’t Cause Problems

Dachshund-Low Maintenance Dogs

Another great small dog for those looking for a low maintenance breed is the Dachshund, loving knowing as the Doxie! This little dog is not known for having too much energy, which is good for those that live in a small house or are new to the world of owning dogs.

A great thing about this dog is how easy it is to groom! Their ears do need to be checked for infections occasionally, but they are very easy to clean thanks to how they are structured. Additionally, they have an easy to clean coat that just needs brushed out and washed from time to time. Remember that only the short hair Doxie should be considered low maintenance.

One important drawback that should be mentioned is that the Doxie is prone to having back problems, and this could be a big monetary concern as they get older. You can prevent this with regular vet visits and by making sure they have strong muscles throughout their lives.

#6: Sweet Pugs & Sweet Time

Sweet Pugs-Low Maintenance Dogs

Have you ever met a pug? If you have, you’ll know how sweet little pugs can be, and they’ll bring some sweet time to your life, too!

This little dog is very docile, laid back, and not aggressive at all. While this might not convert to low maintenance in your mind, it should because the pug is very easy to train and gets along well with everyone they meet. This makes it easy to have this dog around your home, no matter how many visitors you may get!

Another nice thing is that they have very short hair, making grooming an easy task. You still need to exercise them a bit every day, brush them regularly, and take them to the vet, but the pug is an easy dog to own.

Among this whole list, I’d recommend the pug as the best dog for first time down owners. They’re easy to train and easy to love, making them the perfect choice.

#7: The Gentle Bulldog

Gentle Bulldog-Low Maintenance Dogs

Next up on the list is the bulldog. Many people think of bulldogs as big, tough dogs that might be hard to handle, but that’s just a bad stereotype! The bulldog is actually a very sweet and gentle dog that can be easy to have around.

The bulldog does not need a lot of activity. In fact, their short muzzle prevents them from being able to do a lot of high energy activity because they cannot get in enough air. It’s especially difficult for them when it is hot out. So, you should limit their activity to light exercise. They just need enough to prevent them from becoming obese.

In terms of grooming, all you need to do wash them when it is needed! Their short hair doesn’t require much more than that, though it would be beneficial to clean out their face wrinkles as often as possible to ensure they don’t have any grime build up in these areas.

#8: Greyhounds Are Couch Potatoes!

The Greyhound is another surprisingly low maintenance dog. People assume that because Greyhounds are very fast racing dogs, they must be very difficult to keep at home.

The opposite couldn’t be truer! The Greyhound is actually a couch potato when you are at home. They love to lay around and do nothing. While they can sprint very quickly, they don’t need to run a lot to be healthy. They’re just as content to lay at home all night long.

The Greyhound is also a very healthy dog that won’t have too many health problems to deal with if you take care of them properly through their lives. Additionally, they have short coats that do not require much extra grooming. Live an easy life with a Greyhound at your side!

#9: Bullmastiff: A Simple Walk Will Do!

Bullmastiff-Low Maintenance Dogs

If you want a big dog, you might think that it is impossible to find one that is low maintenance. After all, big dogs require a lot of work to take care of them, right?

Wrong! It is possible to find big dogs that are still low maintenance, and the Bullmastiff is one such dog. Bullmastiffs are very low energy dogs that do not need to spend a lot of time every day being active, nor do they need much space. Just some room to roam and lay down will be enough for them! A low key walk every day will fit the bill on exercise, too.

The calm Bullmastiff is also loyal and affectionate, making them an easy companion. Mild training will keep them in line at home while also increasing their affection. What more could you want but a loyal and calm dog around the house?

The only real drawback of having the Bullmastiff around is how much they drool, but in time, you’ll even find that to be quite endearing. Trust me!

Go For Low Maintenance!

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Whether you want to ease into life with a dog or you know that you do not have a lot of time to devote to daily dog grooming, these nine breeds are great options for the owner looking for a simple dog.

Still, make sure that you have enough time to devote to caring for and playing with your dog. Even if you want a low maintenance dog, you should be sure that you can give them the care that they need. Low maintenance does not mean no maintenance. A dog still needs love!

Did you enjoy our list? Let us know which breed appeals to you, and then share with a friend who would be able to take care of one of these low maintenance dogs!


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