Your Best Buddy: The 11 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Having a pet is an amazing thing. Not only do you get the joy of having a friend to play with every day, but you also know that they are loyal to you. After all, dogs are known for their loyalty, right? One big reward of being a dog owner is this loyalty.

It’s said that some breeds are more likely to show and act on the loyalty they feel for their owners. Mixed breed dogs, too, can exhibit the loyalty qualities of their breeds.

Let’s find out about the 11 most loyal dog breeds. Does your favorite breed make the list?


#1 Beagles Are Your Buddies!

Beagles  Loyal Dog Breeds

Beagles have been a long time hunting breed that is very intelligent and loyal to their owners. Beagles tend to be pack animals, which leads them to become very attached to their owners. When you earn their respect, this attachment turns into loyalty.

These dogs are so loyal that they can be trained to save their owners in times of need:

There have even been reports of beagles that got help when their owners collapsed! If that’s not loyalty, I don’t know what is. If you have children at home, beagles are also great at bonding with kids and will be very gentle with them.

The loyalty and intelligence that beagles possess make it easy to bond with and love them. They will be protective of your family and alert you if anything feels wrong. While they can’t protect you from intruders, their loyalty will ensure that they are on guard to alert you about any dangers.

#2 Great Pyrenees: Forever Loyal!

Great Pyrenees Loyal Dog Breeds

Great Pyrenees dogs were originally bred to be livestock guardian dogs, and they are still used for that job today! Their protective habits can be seen even when they’re living with a family in the suburbs...they try to protect everything! Whether it’s sheep, people, livestock, lawn chairs, or their toys, Great Pyrenees love to be guardians!

This loyal dog breed is very intelligent and is great at recognizing who is part of their family. They are very affectionate and loyal, always ready to show you how much they love you.

To make the most of the friendly and loyal traits of this dog, you have to make sure that you train and socialize them from a young age. If you do, your dog will have a better understanding of your expectations and the world around them.

Just look at how friendly and loyal this breed is!

You should know that great pyrenees dogs will bark… a lot! If you don’t teach them good barking habits before they are one year old, they will keep up this habit for their entire life. The barking is very useful for alerting you about problems and intruders but can become an issue for some people.

#3 We All Love Labrador Retrievers!

Labrador Retrievers Loyal Dog Breeds

Everyone has met a labrador retriever that they have loved, and that’s because these dogs are so easy to bond with! They’re very intelligent and ready to learn about their owners. Once they know you and respect you, these dogs will be very loyal to you.

Companionship is probably the number one trait that most labrador retrievers have. This, along with their good temperament and energy levels, is what makes them such great family pets and hunting dogs.

There is a story about a very loyal labrador named Patty. After Patty’s owner had fallen into freezing water, the owner held on to Patty’s tail while Patty pulled her to shore, saving her life!

They’ve even been used as loyal service dogs for many important jobs:

  • Companions
  • Hunting dogs
  • Blind guide dogs
  • Hearing dogs for the deaf
  • Bomb detection
  • Watchdogs
  • Earthquake and avalanche rescue
  • Therapy dogs

If you want a very loyal, playful, and energetic dog, a labrador retriever is a great choice. These dogs bond very strongly with their owners, but they will still be friendly to everyone that they meet. Remember, though, that in the end, you are their favorite! They will always look forward to seeing their family the most.

#4 Get Bonded With Your Boxer

Get Bonded Loyal Dog Breeds

Another loyal breed that you may love is the Boxer!

Originally, boxers were bred in Germany. The goal of owning boxers was usually to hunt large wild game. They have a very “boxy” mouth which gives it a powerful bite and jaw, which is a great feature in a hunting dog. But now, boxers and boxer mixes are often family dogs thanks to their fantastic traits.

Boxers are low-maintenance, intelligent, and very loyal. These fun-loving dogs are great around family, and they’ll stick by your side at all costs. They’ll even help to protect you should the time come that it is needed. Boxers make great loyal companions and watchdogs.

These bright dogs have a lot of energy, and they’ll devote much of it to sticking by your side and making sure that you are happy!

#5 Dachshund's Dig Their Way Into Your Heart!

Dachshund Loyal Dog Breeds

Dachshunds are a breed that has been around for a long time. These dogs are sometimes called wiener dogs because they look like hot dogs. They were originally bred to help hunt badgers, rabbits, and other small animals. They are very good at digging, and they’ll dig their way into your heart!

Their most common traits are curiosity, spunkiness, and friendliness. Sounds like a great friend, doesn’t it? Even though they are small, they have a big mind and a big heart that will stick with you through everything.

These dogs have a great nose, which helps them to recognize and bond with people very easily. Once they recognize you as their owner and friend, they’ll be incredibly loyal and stick by your side through everything.

Dachshunds love to play and have a lot of energy to do so! They will even be loyal enough to act as your alarm clock every morning:

#6 Golden Retrievers Are Golden

Golden Retrievers Loyal Dog Breeds

Another retriever breed that is very loyal is the golden retriever. These dogs are known to be some of the most intelligent, trainable dogs around, and that is why they make such great companions, pets, and service helpers.

Golden retrievers were once used to retrieve game in Scotland, and now they’re here to retrieve your heart when you lose it to their happy, smiling faces!

Not only are these dogs loyal, but they’re also eager to please. This is why they make great family pets and loyal companions for those with special needs. They understand what you need, and they’ll help you to get it.

Once you have a loving golden retriever in your life, they’ll never want to leave your side!

While golden retrievers are very loyal to their families, they don’t bond closely with only one person. Rather, they’ll be friendly to everyone and more affectionate with familiar faces. If this sounds like the right for your family, then choose this loyal dog as your future pet.

#7 Yorkies Can Be Your Loyal Friend

Yorkies  Loyal Dog Breeds

Many people have a bad impression of yorkies. I used to because my friends yorkie would always bark at me a lot when I came to visit, and she never seemed to like me very much. This made me think that yorkies aren’t loyal or friendly, but I’ve realized I was wrong.

In fact, it’s because yorkies are so loyal that they can seem standoffish to strangers! These little dogs love their owners so much that they do not get along with strangers who intrude on their territory.

You could say that they’re a bit possessive of their owners!

Yorkies are very small dogs that are often used as companion and show dogs. They have hypoallergenic fur and are highly energetic. Their full breed name is Yorkshire Terrier. These little dogs are bold and are not afraid to stand up for themselves and their owners.

If you want a small, energetic dog that will be very affectionate, a yorkie might be the dog for you!

#8 St. Bernards Are Family Dogs

St. Bernards Loyal Dog Breeds

We’ve all heard of some amazing St. Bernard dogs in our lifetimes, haven’t we? These dogs were originally bred to help rescue people during bad snowfall and avalanches in the SwissAlps. Their warm fur and large size can help pull people to safety while keeping them warm.

St. Bernard’s are still used as loyal dogs in the Swiss Alps:

The main traits that most St. Bernard’s share is that they are friendly, patient, and outgoing. This makes them very easy to bond with. They are curious dogs who will try to see who you are and learn more about you.

Because these dogs are so eager to please, they make good companions and have even been called “nanny dogs” for kids. They look after their families closely because they want to protect them and be reassured by them.

If you want a loyal, large, and lovable dog, the St. Bernard is a great choice!

#9 Bulldogs Are Not Bullies!

Bulldogs  Loyal Dog Breeds

Because of their vicious expression, some people falsely believe that bulldogs are mean dogs that cannot be loyal. This could not be more incorrect!

While these dogs were originally bred for bull baiting and their fearsome nature was a must, they are now known to be very dedicated and pleasing dogs.

A great bulldog will be known to be courageous, friendly, and calm. This makes them a great family pet, despite their sometimes scary appearance. Once these dogs bond with you and your family, they will be incredibly dedicated and loving. They are very calm, which makes them great for families with kids.

Your bulldog might even follow you into the bathroom!

Bulldogs of all varieties are friendly, loving dogs that will make a great addition to your family. They are a very social dog that will want to friends with everything and everyone they meet! It’s simply in their nature. They have a soft personality that wants to cuddle and please everyone that they meet.

Even if your bulldog had all the toys in the world, they wouldn’t be happy without you! They rely on their family for happiness, so you can rely on them for your happiness, too!

#10 Shelties Are Amazing!

Shelties  Loyal Dog Breeds

Shetland Sheepdogs, also known as shelties, are some of the most playful and loving dogs around. Like other dogs that were bred to help control and herd livestock, they have a slight pack mentality that helps them bond very closely with their owners.

These dogs are very joyful, and they love learning new things. This playful disposition helps them bond with you while you try out new experiences. They can work well with people, kids, and other pets thanks to their calm and sweet personality.

Just because they are loyal to, however, doesn’t mean that they won’t eat your food from time to time:

Overall, shelties are a very playful and curious breed of dog that will be a loyal companion for many years. Not to mention, they make great cuddle buddies because of their soft hair!

#11 Last But Not Least… German Shepherds

German Shepherd Loyal Dog Breeds

When you ask someone what they think the most loyal dog breed is, the chances are high that they will say German Shepherd! This breed is known to be a loyal dog largely for the association that they have with law enforcement. After all, the police would only trust a loyal dog, right?

Like other dogs that were originally bred to be herding dogs, German shepherds have a tendency to attach themselves to their owners very closely because of the pack mentality that is infused in them.

This is what makes them such loyal companions. Plus, they’re great at chores!

On top of that, they are also very intelligent and can recognize who their closest family is. That is how they know who to be loyal to. These smart, trainable dogs are very great to have around for any kind of family.

Once a German shepherd decides to love you, they’ll never forget you. No matter how long you’re away:

Any Dog Can Be A Loyal Dog

Loyal Dog Breeds

And that’s the end of today’s list of the most loyal dog breeds! If your dog is one of these breeds, the chances are high that they are always very loyal to you.

Even if your dog is not one of these breeds, they can still be a loyal dog. Breed can affect loyalty tendencies, but remember that every dog is different so any dog can be loyal! More than anything, loyalty is a trait to specific dogs rather than to specific breeds. Treat your dog with respect, and they will respect you, too.

Is your dog very loyal? If so, share the breed with us in the comments, and then share with other dog lovers who will want to share their favorite, most loyal breeds, too!


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